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Topic Subject: Your top 3 most likely next factions and top 3 most wanted next factions.
posted 10-25-13 11:08 PM EDT (US)   
The Nomadic pack had arrived and I can't wait to make some guesses on the up coming factions after them. I am going to guess 3 factions CA will come up next with. Also I will list 3 factions that I personally want to see in game.

Most likely to be released:

1. Bactria. Greco-Bactrian Kingdom just screams to be released. Long time enemies of the Seleucids and Parthians, I imagine it having some nice roster of camel units--CA could go all the way and make Camel Cataphracts.

2. Armenia. An old faction from original Rome and has a lot of history. Had a few unique (and underpowered) units in the previous Rome, but CA can fix that now.

3. Syracuse. This is a fan favorite faction IMO. Faction trait might be heavily trade based. Should be fun to see how it can survive between Carthage and Rome.,_Sicily

Most wanted by me:

1. Cantabri. I like their location (Iberia), their unique place in history (especially their defiance against the Romans) and CA can really make some unique units for them.

2. Axum. I also love their location (near Arabia), their long history, and tons of opportunities for unique African units.

3. Odrysian Kingdom. I want to play as a Thracian faction chiefly composed of Falxmen. Odrysians seem to stand out most among the Thracian tribes.

What's your opinion?

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posted 10-26-13 02:10 AM EDT (US)     1 / 5  
I agree with your list of predicted factions el_bandito. Bactria and Armenia have become fan favorites thanks to major mods like RTR, RS and EB, while Syracuse has an exciting starting position between Rome & Carthage as well as a unique history that several fans are interested in.

My three most wanted are:

1. Lusitani. Simply put, we need a playable faction in the Iberian Peninsula. It would be fun and exciting to play an Iberian tribe and to unite the peninsula in the face of invasion from the forces of Carthage or the Averni. The Iberian tribes were also historically significant as it took the Romans centuries to subdue them.

2. Saba. My main reason for the Saba is that Arabia is mainly a "blank spot" filled by AI only factions. There's a lot of territory to travel and conquer in Arabia, and a Saba campaign could prove to be very fun and interesting indeed. Perhaps enough to make them a fan favorite as Bactria and Armenia have become.

3. Getae. It's simply a waste to not have a playable Thracian faction. A Getae with their armies of falxmen and heavy cavalry could add some much needed flavor to warfare in the Balkans and give the phalanxes of Greece and Macedon a run for their money.

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posted 10-26-13 09:08 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5  
Bactria. Looking forward to these guys, have been since I knew the map extended that far. Also why I haven't played a Parthian campaign, I want the experience to be totally new.

I'd welcome another Greek pack too, Rhodes and Pergamon have two of the best logos in the game. Massalia would be interesting too.

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posted 10-26-13 10:27 AM EDT (US)     3 / 5  
I welcome Pergamon. Very historically significant faction.

Join the party today, Afty. More the merrier.

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posted 10-26-13 01:15 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5  
No mention for any of the Numidian Kingdoms? With the Massylii arguably the likely candidate to become a new major faction considering it was they who allied with Rome to help defeat Carthage. Not to mention it was they who fought Rome in the Jugurthine War, and were the dominant power in much of North Africa after the weakening of Carthage, until their eventual defeat to Rome.

So yeah, consider that my hat tossed in to the ring for the Massylii, or in a broader sense a playable Numidian faction. Everything else I can currently think of has already been listed. With my other two preferences going towards Baktria and some playable Iberian tribes.

Plenty of options for expansion, and I too would love a playable Thracian kingdom or tribe. Just think of all the Falxes .
posted 10-26-13 01:33 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5  
I would like Bactria or Odryssian Kingdom, but I'd be interested in an 'Eastern Culture Pack' with the Selucid Satraps, and also toss in Media Atropotene (because orange is my favorite color and they have an awesome faction logo!)

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