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Topic Subject: Caesar in gaul strange objectives
posted 12-31-13 09:20 PM EDT (US)   
i got to playing the caesar in gaul roman campaign and it feels like the vanilla-in need of a few patches.
The objective-based "storyline" wants you to take switzerland and push up to the belgian coast and then turn back and head for the atlantic.
But your victory conditions only include central gaul (arvenni and neighbours) which are way different.
Also maye somebody can tell me this but why and how would you have +50 units (and 6 of them mercs) before you have 15 settlements which can sustain them!? i don't get it. maybe the developers never tried to finish the campaign or something.
also i never get a country to willingfully become a client state no matter how much money i offer them yet you have an objective to gain 2 new client states. only way to do that is cancel the treaties and wait 10 turns for the reputation penalty to fade.
and of course the real issue is that you start too strong:
10 legionaries, 4 cavalry, a balista and an onager from turn 1. no AI army can match that!
plus nobody dies from old age so you get level 10 characters like nothing!
posted 01-01-14 01:49 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Are those objectives really necessary for winning?

+50 units for 15 settlement sounds reasonable--at least in the main game. Basically 3 settlement per 10 unit, it is sustainable. Just make sure to have some cheaper upkeep units.

On starting army: CiG is just too easy that way.

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posted 01-02-14 03:27 AM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
I haven't played far into the campaign yet, but from what I gather the bonus objectives mirror Caesar's campaign in Gaul. Only in the last year(s) did Caesar move into central Gaul. In the early phase he indeed moved up from modern day Switzerland to the Belgian Coast and then Brittany (and Britain).

For reference, here's the wikipedia article on the Gallic Wars:

And on the beginning strength - being a casual player I find it alright. The passiveness of the tribes bothers me more in terms of difficulty, if they would be more aggressive I'd be in trouble.
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