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Topic Subject: Rome II Total Realism Core Pack Beta released
posted 05-17-14 01:30 PM EDT (US)   
In modding news, the Rome II Total Realism team officially released the first build of their mod. Rome II Total Realism is the successor to the well-loved and often played Rome Total Realism (RTR for short) mod for the original Rome: Total War. A copy of the official announcement by R2TR team member LestaT will be posted below along with a link to the mod on the Steam Workshop
A hot dessert wind was forcing Gero to hold on tightly to the old walls of the settlement. He felt the tiny droplets of sweat trickling from his head, caused not by the near unbearable heat but by what he saw before him. Banners uncountable, a red sea flowing in waves over the Carthaginian coastline as men poured out of the galleys that had brought them here. They had returned, after all these years. He wondered about his men, if their defences were ready for this moment of truth. It wouldn't be more than three days before they would face the onslaught in its full splendour, the return of the monster hungry for gold, blood and glory. The return of Rome.

After months on semi-official open beta testing we are proud to announce the first official release for the Rome II Total Realism project, that will be known under the name Rome II Total Realism.

Find the download link for our Beta 1.4150514 Build here at Steam Workshop. Just click the subscribe button (while login in to your Steam account) and the build will be downloaded the next time you start the game.

For those unfamiliar with the RTR modding family, we'd like to explain what our core values are. The team is an international group of modding specialists with a special interest in history. Our two core values are and have always been a good combination between a challenging gameplay and increased historical accuracy, the 'realism'. This is achieved through a modding process supported by- and carried out in a constant dialogue with professional historians. We plan to work on historically accurate units, that will be enriched by detailed descriptions. Battles will be made more fun and challenging by a clever combination of coding and historical source information. All in all, we will attempt to modify the campaign mechanisms in such a way that we're able to provide you with a great and unique gaming experience.

Successor to Rome: Total Realism for RTW and dedicated to the mod that will make TW:R2 more realistic with unique features, stunning graphics, and in depth history to give the player an amazing experience. The current (Core) pack features are:

Features Campaign:
- City garrisons revamped
- Campaign difficulty levels overhaul
- Campaign attrition effects enchanced
- Occupation options available to all factions (Occupy, Liberate, Sack etc..)
- Characters experience is gained a bit slower to cope with 2TPY
- Unit experience overhaul
- Ground effects improvements
- Various units upgrade options enhanced
- Campaign Army and Navy stances overhaul
- Unit replenishment overhaul
- City public order overhaul

- Fatigue effect overhaul
- Morale redesign
- Battlefield Climate effects improved, playing bigger role on battlefield
- Adjusted gates for flaming attacks, survive much more now
- Improved deployables, barricade size and durability increased
- Complete Naval overhaul
- Complete Combat overhaul
- Overhaul of special abilities
- Spotting and hiding enhanced
- New slashing animations for all axes, maces and celtic longswords
- Replaced Torches with fire pots
- Siege tweaks

- Startpos changes (starting armies, region changes etc).
- Authentic (native) unit names
- Army/Legion name changed
- New loading/frontend screens
- Changes in .loc files here and there for better immersion
- 2 turns per year campaign. We'll get into more turns per year once we started on Era focus campaigns.

Contributors Main Developers
* ^OvO^, JaM

2D Artwork
* doktor1, Mackles, Muizer

Historians, Support & Testings
* ahowl11, anunnak, Ballacraine, Caligula Caesar, Drtad, Finn, kepper, MasterOfThessus, Maurits, Mausolos of Caria, mcantu, Orthanner, Quinn Inuit

Tech & Forum Support
* HouseOfHam

Social Media Support
* LestaT

Former Developers
* Bethencourt, Crymson, DaVinci, T.C.

* Axe Animation Fragment Mod - credits to AggonyDuck.
* Realistic Unit Names - credits to Splenyi.

Together, we look forward to start work and deliver a great, new gaming experience to you on this new engine. For now, just one question remains:

Are you ready for Rome?
Link to the official thread at Total War Center here.

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