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Topic Subject: Patch 14 Beta now available!
posted 07-22-14 02:56 PM EDT (US)   
Earlier today, CA released the Patch 14 Beta for Rome 2. While I have not tried it out myself, the best improvements I've heard so far is reduced 'Unit Stuttering' in major battles and 'unit blending or fading out' instead of clipping into their models when you closely zoom into them on the battlefield. A link to the official beta patch notes on the Total War Wiki can be found here. CA has been putting a lot of time and work into this patch, so let's tip our hats to them before enjoying the fruits of their labor!

And as a special bonus, here's the new elephant kill animation added with the beta which might be familiar to a few of you

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posted 07-22-14 10:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
All those seige fixes... I might not be able to hold walled settlements against full stacks of barbarians using nothing but a couple of units of legionaries and some javalin throwers anymore. Hopefully the formulaic (and terrible) way the AI conducts seiges becomes more random and engaging.
A map where ships would sail across the land while attempting to disembark has been fixed.

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