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Topic Subject: Multiplayer stories
posted 09-12-13 05:56 PM EDT (US)   
Occasionally people play strangers on the internet at games, and not members of the community here. Shocking, I know. But sometimes they're good for stories, right?

I lost a very close battle against a close friend of mine- I'll never live it down, I think. He was Egypt, and picked a ton of royal pikes, some peltasts, and some cavalry which I can't remember the name of, along with an elephant general.

I was Pontus, with a set up that may be familiar to some of you- hoplites, swordsmen, slingers, ballista, jav cav and Royal cavalry.

Anyway, we skirmished for a while. I've had some practice at playing the skirmishing game and so managed to make his cavalry flee and kill the elephants. So far so good. I advanced, and sat my cavalry including the general behind his lines, and he peeled off a unit of royal pikes to ward them off- the skirmishers also attempted to fire. Our infantry engaged, I got a flank on one unit of royal pikes at the end with the overlap, and proceeded to lure the royal pikemen defending the rear away with one set of Royal cavalry so the other and my general could charge in and seal the deal.

In comes the general towards a unit that was giving my hoplites a particularly hard time, when suddenly the pikemen turned around and were braced in position to slaughter my general. I was too zoomed out, so the next thing I knew I had no general and my infantry were being beaten across the board- it was as if my cavalry had no effect! Everything crumbled from that game-winning position- the phalanx that defeated my general managed to swamp my other set of cavalry, and I lost as the enemy infantry shone through.

Turns out my hoplites in the centre had actually routed about 3 seconds before I'd hit home. That's actually a fair amount of time if you're paying attention, and while I was busy navigating his rear phalanx he was in fact zoomed closer in and in typically good micro swung his royal pikes around and braced at exactly the right moment. All in 3 seconds.

If my charge had hit home, we both agreed I'd of probably won- the centre was mine, I had the overlap on one side and would have had a free set of cavalry and infantry to maraud across his pinned line. If I'd of paid attention, perhaps I could have pulled my men out and selected another target. Who knows? But it was incredibly close, a major kick in the teeth, and he was amazed he won. Great fun.

And I shall go Softly into the Night Taking my Dreams As will You
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