Total War: Rome 2 Heaven


Learn about the different Factions of Total War: Rome 2.


Strength, Honour, Duty - We are the Senate and People of Rome, it is our destiny to conquer the known world and govern one of the greatest empires known to history.


Democracy, Commerce, Faith - We are the peoples of Carthage, eternal enemies of Rome, and it is our right to control the Mediterranean Sea, and all the trade that flows through her waters.


Glory, Order, Power - We are the Kingdom of Macedon, direct descendants of Alexander the Great, and it is our right to re-establish our once glorious domain which stretched from Greece in to the depths of Afghanistan.


Iron, Conquest, Pride - We are the Iceni tribe, infamous warriors of Britannia, and it is our right to rule these isles as our own. We shall protect our children from the dreaded menace of Rome, and succeed in our ambitions.


Belief, Dignity, Power - We are the fearsome Arverni tribe, one of the greatest Gaulish clans and home to the legendary Vercingetorix. We shall drive back the Roman invaders and conquer what is rightfully ours!


Blood, Nobility, Courage - We are the Suebi. You will not find finer or more frightening warriors anywhere in this continent of dark forests and cruel Gods. The more "civilised" may sneer, but we are destined to one day bring them down...


Tolerance, Justice, Profit - We are the Parthians, a fierce nomadic tribe whom have overthrown the prior Seleucid satrap. Establishing our own independent kingdom, we shall establish our own empire to rival that of the prior Persian Achaemenid dynasty.


Legacy, Independence, Power - We are the Ptolemy Dynasty, the rulers of the ancient and famous lands of Egypt. Our ambition and power know no bounds, as we seek to extend our power across the known world.


Ambition, Independence, Profit - We are the Kingdom of Pontus, an independent kingdom founded after the wake of Alexander the Great's death. Our enemies are numerous, and would dearly love to re-assimilate our kingdom back in to their vast empires. (Day 1 Free-LC)


Knowledge, Wisdom, Prosperity - We are the People of Athens, the founders of Democracy and Saviors of Greece against the Persians of the past. We may dream of past glories, but with the wind in our sails and a spear in our hand we may once more rise again. (Greek States Culture Pack)


Discipline, Glory, Conquest - We are the Spartans. The Agoge shaped us into the finest warriors in the world, and even now the sound of our approach would panic supposedly mighty Kings that now consider themselves above us. (Greek States Culture Pack)


Growth, Legacy, Command - We are the Kingdom of Epirus, home of the legendary Princess Olympias and Pyrrhus. Though our ambitions to extend the reach of our territories may have been thwarted by the Roman Republic, we shall have our vengeance. (Greek States Culture Pack)


Tolerance, diversity, strength - We rule the vast Kingdom of Seleucus, the mighty legacy of Alexander's life. Our lands stretch from the gentle beaches of the Mediterranean to the torrent that is the River Ganges at the edge of the world. (Free-LC coming October)

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