Total War: Rome 2 Heaven

General History

The political and cultural consequences of Alexander's conquests

In this essay, Grendelfreak will discuss the political and cultural consequences of Alexander the Great's conquests, and what the enduring legacy for western civilisation is from his era.

Memphis and Alexandria

Maximus09 tells us a tale about the two Egyptian cities of Memphis and Alexandria.

The Myth of Woad

Edorix investigates the myths behind the term 'Woad Warrior' and exposes the truth of the matter.


Edorix takes a close look at one of the more enigmatic figures in Celtic and Neo-Pagan mythology with particular reference to the various later legends which can be ascribed to him.

The Tragic Cycle in Athenian Drama

Awesome Eagle explains the ancient Greek Tragedy and its inescapable cycle of hubris, aite, and nemesis. Curious as to these terms and how the cycle developed, and what impact it had on classical plays? Pop by and learn, young scholar!

An Introduction to Ancient Greek Music

Alex_the_Bold gives us a brief introduction to ancient Greek musical instruments and a bit of lore surrounding them. There are even a few snippets of authentic tunes to hear.

Rome and Constantinople

Count Mummolus examines the co-operation between Rome and Constantinople after the two capitals parted ways, and takes us to the fall of Rome.

Chariot Racing

Night_Raider tells us about the history of chariot racing.

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