Total War: Rome 2 Heaven


Faction History: Suebi

Terikel Grayhair takes us through the history of the Suebi

Faction History: Iceni

Terikel Grayhair takes us through the history of the Iceni

History of the Arverni

Edorix here takes us through the history of one of the most important Tribes in Gaul. Featured as a faction in Total War: Rome 2, the Arveni were very influential in pre-Roman Gaul.

Important British and Irish Tribes

An insightful overview of the histories of some of the more important tribes of the British Isles, by Edorix.


Bradylama tells us a tale about the Scythians, fearsome warriors and horsemen.

The Rise of Sparta

There's no getting away from Sparta these days, Archdruid looks at how they came to be the premier power in the Pelleponese.

The Belgae

Edorix examines the history and fall of the Belgae, once among the most powerful barbarians west of the Rhenus.


Night_Raider writes about the historical empire of Parthia.


An overview of Carthage by Night_Raider.


Night_Raider gives us an overview of Germania.


MaceHead gives us an overview of Thrace, its religion and its warfare.

A brief history of the Thracians

Archdruid excellently overviews the Thracians, covering the period from the Persian wars through to Roman occupation.

Ancient Egypt's African Roots

Kahotep takes a look at Ancient Egypt, and discusses their origins versus what has long been believed, using anthropological, archaeological, and biological proof that the Ancient Egyptians were African and not imports from elsewhere.

The Last Pharaohs

This article by Kahotep, the third in his African trilogy, deals with the kingdom of Kush (Nubia), a Nile kingdom often overshadowed by its Egyptian neighbour.

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