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Faction History: Suebi

Terikel Grayhair takes us through the history of the Suebi

Faction History: Iceni

Terikel Grayhair takes us through the history of the Iceni

History of the Arverni

Edorix here takes us through the history of one of the most important Tribes in Gaul. Featured as a faction in Total War: Rome 2, the Arveni were very influential in pre-Roman Gaul.

Important British and Irish Tribes

An insightful overview of the histories of some of the more important tribes of the British Isles, by Edorix.

The political and cultural consequences of Alexander's conquests

In this essay, Grendelfreak will discuss the political and cultural consequences of Alexander the Great's conquests, and what the enduring legacy for western civilisation is from his era.

Hellenic Military Tradition

Ace_Cataphract tell us about the Hellenic city states in general, and about the evolution of the Hellenic styles of warfare throughout the ages.


Bradylama tells us a tale about the Scythians, fearsome warriors and horsemen.

Memphis and Alexandria

Maximus09 tells us a tale about the two Egyptian cities of Memphis and Alexandria.

The Rise of Sparta

There's no getting away from Sparta these days, Archdruid looks at how they came to be the premier power in the Pelleponese.

The Belgae

Edorix examines the history and fall of the Belgae, once among the most powerful barbarians west of the Rhenus.


Night_Raider writes about the historical empire of Parthia.


An overview of Carthage by Night_Raider.


Night_Raider gives us an overview of Germania.


MaceHead gives us an overview of Thrace, its religion and its warfare.

A brief history of the Thracians

Archdruid excellently overviews the Thracians, covering the period from the Persian wars through to Roman occupation.

Ancient Egypt's African Roots

Kahotep takes a look at Ancient Egypt, and discusses their origins versus what has long been believed, using anthropological, archaeological, and biological proof that the Ancient Egyptians were African and not imports from elsewhere.

Armies of Ancient Africa

Kahotep discusses the military equipment and organization of pre-colonial African armies, with emphasis on three of the most famous and well-documented ones (Egyptian, Mandinka, and Zulu).

The Last Pharaohs

This article by Kahotep, the third in his African trilogy, deals with the kingdom of Kush (Nubia), a Nile kingdom often overshadowed by its Egyptian neighbour.

The Myth of Woad

Edorix investigates the myths behind the term 'Woad Warrior' and exposes the truth of the matter.

A Brief History of Early Roman Britain

Edorix looks at some of the early Roman campaigns in Britain.

Roman Military Genius - From Tarquin to Trajan to Today

Terikel Grayhair analyzes the genius of Roman Military Organization through the Ages, all the way to today.

Conquered, We Conquer

Once again Terikel Grayhair has shaken his loose marbles, this time to examine just how tiny Rome, conquered by a Gallic tribe, could rise to rule over all Gallic peoples in less than four hundred years.

Real Heroes

D Furius Venator gives us examples of non-mythical, real heroes on the battlefield.

Warships of Mare Nostrum

Terikel follows the history of the more well-known ships of the Mediterranean Sea from pre-history to Augustus Caesar. Learn more about the biremes, triremes, and quinqueremes of Total War: Rome II, and how they are expressed in gameplay.

Know Your Heroes

Terikel explains Roman military awards and decorations. Know what the soldiers and centurions won, how they did it, and why they were heroes.

Alaric and the Fall of Rome

Punic Hoplite looks at the role of Alaric and some of the events leading up to his sack of Rome.


Edorix takes a close look at one of the more enigmatic figures in Celtic and Neo-Pagan mythology with particular reference to the various later legends which can be ascribed to him.

The Tragic Cycle in Athenian Drama

Awesome Eagle explains the ancient Greek Tragedy and its inescapable cycle of hubris, aite, and nemesis. Curious as to these terms and how the cycle developed, and what impact it had on classical plays? Pop by and learn, young scholar!

An Introduction to Ancient Greek Music

Alex_the_Bold gives us a brief introduction to ancient Greek musical instruments and a bit of lore surrounding them. There are even a few snippets of authentic tunes to hear.

Rome and Constantinople

Count Mummolus examines the co-operation between Rome and Constantinople after the two capitals parted ways, and takes us to the fall of Rome.

Chariot Racing

Night_Raider tells us about the history of chariot racing.

History of the Phalanx Hoplite

MaximusDecimus gives us insight in the evolution of the Phalanx Hoplite.

The History of Cavalry, Infantry and Ranged Units

Night_Raider tell us about the tactical implications of cavalry, infantry, and archers, and their history.

Marius Reforms and Minie Balls

Lorentius Vadis compares two seemingly unrelated events to illustrate the effects two men had on warfare during their time.

The Gladius vs. The Sarissa

Terikel Grayhair gives us a richly detailed history of the evolution of Roman and Macedonian weapon systems, and how they would eventually clash with the rulership of the Mediterranean at stake.

The Army of Antigonid Macedonia

Dominicus Ultimus delivers a fantastic in-depth look at the Antigonid Army- one of the Successors to the empire of Alexander the Great. The Antigonids were the Successors in Macedonia proper, the homeland of the fabled Macedonian Phalanx.

Brutus - The Noblest Roman of them All

TorgoNeedsLove explores one of Ancient Rome's most maligned senators in a new and refreshing light.

Boudica - Queen of the Iceni

Edorix examines the life Boudicca and her rebellion against Rome.

Pyrrhus of Epirus

Count Mummolus gives us an insight in to the life of Pyrrhus of Epirus.

Seleucus I Nicator

A study of the life of Seleucus I Nicator by DominicusUltimus.

Gaius Julius Caesar

Archdruid covers Gaius Julius Caesar and looks at his personality in detail

Julian the Apostate

Misplacedgeneral provides an insight in to the life and times of Julian the Apostate.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

Legio Yow looks at the personality of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix.

Nero - The Worst of Them All

Johndisp gives us a detailed account of Nero's life.

Augustus - The First of Many

Jonathon Clark gives us a short, informative biography on Octavian, better known as Augustus Caesar.


Pallin gives us an overview of the life and career of Marcus Licinius Crassus.

Dramatis Personae of the Battle of Actium

Pallin gives us a look into the key players in the Battle of Actium.

Britain Invaded

Ichbinian tells us of Caesar's time in Britannia.

The Alexandrian Wars

Malmack outlines some of Alexander the Great's greatest battles.

The Greco-Persian Wars

Night_Raider tells us about the wars between the Greek city states and Persia

The Mercenary War

Punic Hoplite takes a look at what happened to the Carthaginians at the end of the First Punic War when they failed to pay their mercenaries.

The Second Punic War

Lord_Morningstar provides us with another thorough article; this time on the Second Punic War.

The Third Punic War

MaximusDecimus gives us an overview of the cause for the Third Punic War, and its execution.

The Siege of Alesia

Night_Raider tells us a tale about the infamous Siege of Alesia.

The Battle of Chaeronea

Dugit provides an insight in to the rise of Kingdom of Macedon and the Battle of Chaeronea.

The Battle of the Milvian Bridge

Dugit gives us a look at the events leading up to the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, the battle itself, and its aftermath.

The Battle of Sybota

Legion Of Hell looks at one of the battles precipitating the Peloponnesian War.

The Battle of Cannae

Johndisp tells us about the Battle of Cannae.

Hannibal and the Battle of Zama

Johndisp gives us a background of Hannibal's life and tells us about the Battle of Zama.

The Battle of Carrhae

This is the story of the Battle of Carrhae, written by Johndisp.

The Battle of Cynoscephalae

This is the story of the Battle of Cynoscephalae, written by Pallin.

The Battle of Delium

Legion Of Hell looks at another battle of the Peloponnesian War, this one the large-scale action at Delium.

Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

Pallin gives us an overview of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest.

Eratosthenes and the Shadows of Egypt

Bastworshipper introduces us to one of Antiquity's great minds- an obscure mathematician whose work outshines the sun upon which many of his models and theorems were based.

The Marian Reforms

Terikel Grayhair brings us an article that describes the advent of the Marian Reforms, an event that radically altered not only the composition of the Roman army, but had far-reaching effects throughout all of Roman society, and indirectly led to the fall of the Republic and creation of the Empire.

The Battle of Cannae

Scipii takes an in-depth look at Hannibal's finest moment, where the Carthaginian general pulled off a feat never before seen in war.

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